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How do I use a camera to capture images for Hyperion?

Discussion in 'Hyperion General' started by Duhfreitas, 14 June 2020.

  1. Duhfreitas

    Duhfreitas New Member

    Good afternoon, help a noob please.

    I have been interested in the Ambilight system with Hyperion and as I have a 4k tv and I love its operating system, I am trying to use a camera in front of the tv to capture the image.

    I'm using the following intens:
    - Raspberry pi 3+
    - Arduino uno atmega328p
    - Led strip WS2812B
    - Font 5v 10a supply for the ribbon
    - Font 5v 2a source for rpi

    On the raspberry I used the hyperion.ng installed by the raspbian taken from this video:

    In Arduino I used "Adafruit_NeoPixel" configured for 272 leds, 87 horizontal and 49 vertical

    Well, my doubt is this:
    I saw in this thread https://hyperion-project.org/threads/hyperion-source-from-cam-in-front-of-tv-prepare-input-region.2615/#post-10103 that some people used a Camera Pi, ps3 eye or a normal usb camera to capture the image from the tv. I tried all the ways and I couldn't get the rpi to receive the image from my cameras!
    I have to use a grabber (v42l) or some other device to receive this video.

    I am new to this type of programming, but I have read a lot about it.
    Anyone who can help me, I really appreciate it!