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HyperCon Hypercon v1.03.1 Not saving white levels after reboot

Discussion in 'Software Support' started by Marciano, 2 January 2017.

  1. Marciano

    Marciano New Member

    32/64bit, +Arduino
    Hello i,m new with hyperion and hypercon.

    I really like this software for my Ws2801 ledstripe and Philips Hue bulbs but i have a few little issues.

    When creating my config file with hypercon when adjusting color calibration only my gamma setup will be saved after reboot.

    The white levels and saturation is always be back to the default settings.

    Am i missing someting?

    I'm running hyperion on librelec 7.1.1 (@wrxtasy build) and hyperion is running great but i cannot manage the white level setting to be saved after reboot.

    I have to adjust them manually with the hyperion ios app on my iphone.

    These are my hyperion.config.jason files.
    I have 2 files one for my leds and one for my hue bulbs.

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