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RPi + Other Software Hyperion install on LAKKA OS

Discussion in 'Software Support' started by Kazter, 16 September 2017.

  1. Kazter

    Kazter New Member

    Hey guys,

    I want to use hyperion on my Lakka OS that builds on LibreElec OS. My programming knowlegde is not that good to change all the pathes in the install script: install_hyperion.sh

    Is it possible that you add the Lakka OS in future updates? That would be great. I use hyperion on LibreElec OS and I am very excited about that.

    Thank you for your hard work till now.
  2. Svnt

    Svnt New Member

    RPi1/Zero, RPi2, RPi3
    does not work on LAKKA yet... and also on OSMC installed via PINN... that sucks hard.

    i have to dissect this install_hyperion.sh script now in two distros... great!

    After apt-get install dialog the hyperion setup script works on OSMC installed via PINN.

    LAKKA (seems to base on libreELEC) gives this:

    This script will install/update Hyperion Ambient Light
    Created by brindosch - hyperion-project.org - the official Hyperion source.
    ---> Stop Hyperion, if necessary
    ---> Install/Update Hyperion dependencies (This may take a while)
    There is no working 'apt-get'.
    'apt-get' is a command to install, update and remove software which
    is stored in a non local repo. 'apt-get' does nothing then connecting to such
    repo, downloads the software, unpacks the software, updates a big
    local database with all filepaths and other informations about the
    installed software or removes or updates installed Software.
    With LibreELEC it is not possible to change the system for security and
    stability reasons so even 'apt-get' would not be able to do this.
    We also dont have and want to maintain such a repo for various other
    great reasons.
    Also Ubuntu or Debian packages are often outdated and not compatible
    with LibreELEC
    TIP: use XBMC's addon browser to enhance your LibreELEC system
    grep: /boot/config.txt: No such file or directory
    ---> Raspberry Pi found, but SPI is not set, we write "dtparam=spi=on" to /boot/config.txt
    sed: /boot/config.txt: No such file or directory
    ---> Downloading the appropriate Hyperion release
    Connecting to sourceforge.net (
    Connecting to sourceforge.net (
    Connecting to downloads.sourceforge.net (
    Connecting to 10gbps-io.dl.sourceforge.net (
    tar: can't create directory 'hyperion/': Read-only file system
    tar: can't remove old file hyperion/: Read-only file system
    chmod: /usr/share/hyperion/bin: No such file or directory
    ln: /usr/bin/hyperiond: Read-only file system
    ln: /usr/bin/hyperion-remote: Read-only file system
    ln: /usr/bin/hyperion-v4l2: Read-only file system
    ---> Installing systemd script
    cp: invalid option -- 'n'
    BusyBox v1.25.1 (2017-11-19 07:19:53 CST) multi-call binary.
    Usage: cp [OPTIONS] SOURCE... DEST
    Copy SOURCE(s) to DEST
        -a    Same as -dpR
        -R,-r    Recurse
        -d,-P    Preserve symlinks (default if -R)
        -L    Follow all symlinks
        -H    Follow symlinks on command line
        -p    Preserve file attributes if possible
        -f    Overwrite
        -i    Prompt before overwrite
        -l,-s    Create (sym)links
        -u    Copy only newer files
    Failed to enable unit: File hyperion.service: No such file or directory
    rm: can't remove '/usr/share/hyperion/services': No such file or directory
    ---> Starting Hyperion
    Failed to start hyperion.service: Unit hyperion.service not found.
    Hyperion Installation/Update finished!
    Please download the latest HyperCon version to benefit from new features!
    To create a config, follow the HyperCon Guide at our Wiki (EN/DE)!
    Wiki: wiki.hyperion-project.org Webpage: www.hyperion-project.org
    Please reboot your Raspberry Pi, we inserted dtparam=spi=on to /boot/config.txt

    also set the OS detection in the script hard to openELEC (yes, open... libre doesnt work at all...) changes nothing: no apt-get, no writable filesystem, no luck.

    Fixing/moving dependencies by hand changes not that much:

    Failed to open device('/dev/spidev0.0')
    HYPERION INFO: Json forward to
    HYPERION INFO: Proto forward to
    INFO: Creating linear smoothing
    HYPERION (CS) INFO: Created linear-smoothing(interval_ms=50;settlingTime_ms=200;updateDelay=0
    EFFECTENGINE ERROR: no effects found, check your effect directories
    EFFECTENGINE INFO: Initializing Python interpreter
    INFO: Hyperion started and initialised
    INFO: Boot sequence 'Rainbow swirl fast' EFFECTENGINE INFO: run effect Rainbow swirl fast on channel 0
    EFFECTENGINE ERROR: effect Rainbow swirl fast not found
    INFO: Kodi checker created and started
    INFO: Json server created and started on port 19444
    PROTOCONNECTION INFO: Connecting to Hyperion:
    INFO: Proto server created and started on port 19445
    INFO: Boblight server created and started on port 19333
    DISPMANXGRABBER INFO: Display opened with resolution: 1920x1080
    BLACKBORDER INFO: threshold set to 0 (0)
    BLACKBORDER INFO: mode:default
    INFO: Frame grabber created and started
    terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::runtime_error'
      what():  V4L2GRABBER ERROR: Cannot identify '/dev/video0' ERROR 2, No such file or directory
    Aborted (core dumped)
    enuff fails for a day...

    but wait... maybe i should enable SPI in config.txt? Later...tomorrow... LAKKA is scanning FinalBurnAlpha... takes ages.

    Any hints?
    Last edited: 19 January 2018
  3. koenig

    koenig New Member

    RPi1/Zero, RPi2, 32/64bit, +Arduino, +nodeMCU/ESP8266
    just change line 36 of your install_hyperion.sh script to
    OS_OPENELEC=`grep -m1 -c 'Lakka\|OpenELEC\|RasPlex\|LibreELEC\|OpenPHT\|PlexMediaPlayer' /etc/issue`
    it's just expanded by "Lakka\|", cause /etc/issue doesn't contain the info, that it's a Libreelec built... :D
    should work...brb

    ...5mins later: no Framegrabber for lakka
    hyperion-framebuffer: FRAMEBUFFERGRABBER ERROR: Unknown pixel format: 35033824 bits per pixel
    hyperion-v4l2.sh: hyperion-v4l2: version : V1.03.3 (brindosch-2fbbcff/2f01dfa-1495880388 build time: un 3 2017 02:06:03 V4L2GRABBER ERROR: Cannot identify '/dev/video0' ERROR 2, No such file or directory
    hyperion-x11: X11GRABBER ERROR: Unable to open display. DISPLAY environment variable not set
    , there's hope...in unofficial X11 builds...
    Last edited: 17 March 2018
  4. Svnt

    Svnt New Member

    RPi1/Zero, RPi2, RPi3
    Crap. Try harder, man! ;)