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BUG Leds blinks during background python script is running

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by ajarzyn, 7 January 2017.

  1. ajarzyn

    ajarzyn New Member

    Hi I will try my best post it as short as possible.

    First thing first configuration:
    RPi3 + Arduino + WS2812b (3 meters)
    at RPi3 is installed LibreElec and works perfectly well without any additional background script.

    Unfortunatelly I've installed w1-probe for DS18B20 temperature sensor, and simple control of power switch, at hi state of GPIO.
    During movie playback it appears that leds lights up for a tick and then back to it's normal and correct state of displaying matching colors.

    Script basically gather data every 10 seconds, buffor it and with 60 sec duration sent it to mySQL server.

    Any idea what;s could be wrong or, how to check this?

    Thanks for any help.