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RPi + Other Software Leds display off center from on screen image

Discussion in 'Software Support' started by drdeath91, 22 February 2021.

  1. drdeath91

    drdeath91 New Member

    Sorry, FNG, so I have what may be a noob question that I cannot seem to find any information on the forum. I have everything up and running without any real issues. However, I've noticed that the bottom row of lights is shifted a few LEDs to the left. Now, obviously this was from me not being careful to center them during install, but to avoid potentially having to take them down and reattach them, is there anything in the configurator that would allow me to shift over what the LEDs display? Essentially I just want to move things over like 3 LEDs to the right.
  2. jeroen warmerdam

    jeroen warmerdam Raspberry 3B / APA102 / Hyperion.NG relaisbox

    Led input position at Led configuration, this is the start led and everything switches left or right depending data is clockwise or counterclockwise