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Kodi Addon Need help with Hyperion.Control addon

Discussion in 'Software Support' started by NeeeeB, 3 May 2020.

  1. NeeeeB

    NeeeeB New Member

    Hi guys !
    I've switched to Hyperion.ng on my setup (Pi3, LibreElec and Leds driven by an Arduino) and I would like to get some help with Hyperion.control addon.

    First thing is that it seems to "forget" what I've set after a reboot of the Pi.
    Example: I've set the addon to disable Ambilight in Kodi menus : It worked until I reboot the Pi.
    Now I have Ambilight in Kodi menus, even though the option is disabled in the addon.
    And enable/disable in the addon has absolutely no effect.
    The only solution I have is to uninstall/reinstall the addon and set it up again (but I can't do this everytime I reboot my Pi !!)

    Second thing : can someone explain to me how the "Component" section of the addon is working ?
    Example: I choose Platform Capture and set "enable when video playback" and disable everything else.
    Now I choose USB capture, settings are still the same as before.
    If I make changes (let's say I enable only on music playback) and go back to Platform capture, I get the same settings as for USB capture.
    So I think I'm missing the point on that part of the addon, or it doesn't work like it should...

    Any help will be greatly appreciated !