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SOLVED Powering 94 LEDs (WS2801) directly off the raspberry Pi 3 Zero (success)

Discussion in 'LED Devices Support' started by rugbert, 27 February 2019.

  1. rugbert

    rugbert New Member

    I have 94 LEDS on the WS2801 strip around my TV, and I have it all connected to my RPIZero, including the power, and it works. After some initial configuration issues (the video grabber would turn off after the Hyperion booteffect was used, so I just had to turn that off) it totally works. It's great, I've now saved a lot of space in my TV console.

    I've attached an image of of my set up, note: I forgot to add the USB EasyCap and the USB power into the image, but both of those are plugged into the appropriate USB ports.

    Anyway - I had always read that a dedicated power source was needed (10A 50W power brick) so I was wondering if this configuration could potentially destroy my Pi or something else. If I really should use a dedicated power supply for the LEDs, would a 5V 3A rPi charger be enough? I am assuming it would (since it appears to power my Pi, LEDs, and EasyCap), and that I would need a specialize adapter for the LEDs like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01J1WZENK/

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