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HyperCon Raspberry 2, Jessie, ambilight and Hyperion

Discussion in 'Software Support' started by docjensi, 16 March 2020.

  1. docjensi

    docjensi New Member

    Good afternoon,

    I need some help as I am a low level user with little experience on Linux. I have tried to set up an ambilight on a 82" TV with 173 LEDs around the TV with with Raspberry 2 and Jessie according to instruction from:

    I could not get it working. Problems I have encountered on the way on yraspberry are e.g. not enough power/current on the USB port.

    When I activate the internal frame grabber the rainbow starts shortly (2-3 seconds) and then few lights are on, some are flashing, some off.
    Activating the external grabber does not do anything, only a couple of red leds are active.
    Changing grabber did not help so far.
    Logfiles: attached as txt

    Do you expert guys have any clue what i should do?

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