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RPi + LibreELEC RPI4 reboot = HDMI signal loss

Discussion in 'Software Support' started by pho08, 24 February 2020.

  1. pho08

    pho08 New Member

    Hi everybody!
    First of all thanks to everyone involved in this project for this fantastic piece of software!

    i have but one problem that whenever i reboot my RPI4, the TV loses the HDMI signal (using the internal grabber and the RPI4-Kodi as source)
    what happens is LE shuts down and the RPI4 reboots. i can even see the LE splashscreen and the hyperion LED swirl but after that the signal just craps out.LE itself seems to boot up as it should as i can control kodi with kore and SSH into the machine but no matter what i do i cannot get the HDMI signal back (rebooting again also doesn't help). The only thing that gets the signal back is to disconnect the power, wait for ~20sec and plug the power back in.

    i have already asked this on the LE forums and apparently the workaround is to add a delay to the hyperion startup forcing it to wait until kodi is fully loaded and then initialize hyperion
    (see https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread/2...etflix-etc-with-pi4/?postID=130791#post130791 for details). However the guy who came up with this idea installed hyperion via the LE-app.

    Since this website recommends NOT using the LE-addon but instead install hyperion through PC via SSH Hypercon this is what i did. That however means that running "systemctl status service.hyperion" returns "Unit service.hyperion.service could not be found."

    Now, can anyone help me to get this delay working on my setup? I am hesitant to just install the LE addon over the existing installation as i don't want to break things now that they are working (well sort of..)

    Still new to this so any help would be much appreciated, thanks!