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SOLVED Some LEDs stay dim blue when color cleared

Discussion in 'Software Support' started by trektronic, 10 December 2018.

  1. trektronic

    trektronic New Member

    RPi3, +Arduino
    I am experiencing some of my LEDs staying a dim blue when Hyperion is running and no color should be on. I am able to set a high threshold and everything will work fine, however then I won't be able to set the brightness to low.

    LEDs 12-41 out of 117 stay lit dimly blue as soon as Hyperion starts up and the rainbow swirl finishes and quits when I stop the service.

    I am running osmc on a Raspberry pi 3, connected to a Arduino Uno R3, which has WS2812B LEDs connected to pin 6 and GND.

    The voltage on the LED strip across 5V to GND is 5.18V.


    I haven't seen this issue in any other forum search I did. Does anyone have a suggestion on what to try in order to solve this issue?

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  2. GJC

    GJC New Member

    I have a similar issue (here)
    This thread has been marked as solved but there is no follow up post.
    What was the solution or did you give up waiting for an answer?