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Starts and screen goes black then lights shut off

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Derek, 10 October 2020.

  1. Derek

    Derek New Member

    I am at a loss. I have a fresh install hyperbian. I set everything up but I turn the instance on and play something. It plays for a few seconds and looks great then the screen goes black and lights shut off. I am using an nvidia shield so it sends me back to the menu and I have to start the video again.
    Any Ideas?

    Raspberry Pi 3b
    HDMI capture device (Y&H HDMI Video Game Capture Card USB2.0 HD 1080P 30fps Game Live Streaming Device with HDMI Out for for PS3 PS4 Xbox One 360 Wii U Nintendo Switch DSLR HDVC3)
    with WS2812B RGB

    I have it wired to the 6th pin on the raspberry pi.

    error codes:
    2020-10-10T21:03:01.255Z [hyperiond V4L2:AUTO] (ERROR) Throws error nr: VIDIOC_DQBUF error code 19, No such device 2020-10-10T21:03:01.256Z [hyperiond V4L2:AUTO] (ERROR) VIDIOC_STREAMOFF error code 19, No such device 2020-10-10T21:03:01.277Z [hyperiond V4L2:AUTO] (INFO) Stopped
    Last edited: 10 October 2020
  2. gezeebeezee

    gezeebeezee New Member

    Did you ever get this fixed? I'm having the same issue. Though mine runs normally until the pi is idle for a long period of time. After that, when I turn on my TV/Fire TV, the lights flash on and then turn off and give me that error code 19. I can get the lights working by going into the web configuration and disabling then re-enabling USB capture.