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RPi + OSMC TV Grabber only works **BEFORE** Splitter, but not after.

Discussion in 'Hardware Support' started by RKF, 6 July 2018.

  1. RKF

    RKF New Member

    Hello - this is my first post. I'm having trouble getting my grabber to grab AFTER the HDMI splitter, which seems to have no issue displaying TV out of the second port.

    I have setup Hyperion on both OPENELEC and OSMC with the same result.

    Splash screen LEDS work fine.
    KODI movies Hyperion / Ambilight effect works as expected
    AV source (yellow) RCA direct into GRABBER - Hyperion / Ambilight works fine
    Using the HDMI out of the SET TOP BOX > HDMI2AV = successful GRAB


    Not Working: (the normal setup)
    SET TOP BOX > HDMI Splitter output 1 > HDMI2AV > Grabber = No grab/black screenshot
    SET TOP BOX > HDMI Splitter output 2 > TV = no problem

    In this last scenario, the HDMI Splitter also successfully displays 1080 to the TV as expected with output 2.

    So the splitter splits, I can see TV as expected. But it seems that something is happening inside the splitter. I have two HDMI splitters that I bought from different sources. Both will split PS3 and Foxtel and output 1080p. They work, but why doesn't the grabber see what the TV sees? I'm stumped.

    I've tried two different HDMI2AV - one with the complex PC board and one with the simple board - at this stage the simpler one is doing just fine - but its just the $10 one on both occasions with the PAL/NTSC switch (without the toslink and SPDIF)

    So before I go out and spend more money, I wonder if its the HDMI2AV, or the splitter?

    Any ideas would be appreciated.