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RPi + Other Software Upgrading from Lightberry

Discussion in 'Hardware Support' started by Hans5849, 15 January 2021.

  1. Hans5849

    Hans5849 New Member

    My Lightberry setup finally died and I've taken this as an opportunity to refresh my project. I'm upgrading to an RPi 4 and ezcap269, and rebuilding the LED portion as well. All the questions here are related to the setup and control of the LED's.

    I've purchased a roll of SK9822 LED's, 4 pin wires, and connectors. I've broken the build into 2 components: control and power.

    Taking on the control portion first. To control the lights from the RPi using a direct connection I'm under the impression that I would have to install pi-blaster. Then connect RPi's GPIO Pin 19 to the LED data and GPIO Pin 23 to the LED clock. What configuring is needed for pi-blaster and Hyperion to work together?

    Power. I realized today that my old PSU is inadequate for the new LED's, I have just under 4 meters of LED's at 18W/m so I'm looking for a +75W PSU. As for connecting, my plan is to connect the PSU to the +5V and ground. The RPi to just the ground (GPIO).

    Are there any egregious flaws in my setup or significant improvements that could be made?