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Welcome to the new home of Hyperion

Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by Brindosch, 14 April 2016.

  1. Brindosch

    Brindosch Active Member

    RPi1/Zero, RPi2, RPi3, +nodeMCU/ESP8266
    Welcome to the new "home" of Hyperion - the well known and beloved ambilight software.
    With this website we want to start a new era in terms of user experience (documentation) and we want to invite all interested developers to work together on amazing features.
    Use the possibility and be a part of it!

    This leads us to the following changes

    The user and developer base has grown, more than tvdzwan and poljvd ever expected. This success needs a better platform where developers and users could discuss and come together.
    Also to keep better track of development and to establish a better communication from developer to developer for a better work experience and to gather easier user feedback during beta testing.
    --> the "Tutorial" section is more basic for now! We will work on this during the next weeks!
    Setting up your used hyperion devices at your profile now!

    We moved to a GitHub organization! tvdzwan and poljvd repos will be no longer used!
    The new organization is located here : hyperion-project
    Big thank you to MaikelH and team on Github. They owned the name for 3 years for their project and we asked if we could use it for our project! (domain <> organization).

    Hyperion Download
    Due to the point that Github-Releases don´t fulfill our needs we searched for another CDN system to store our files around the world.
    We ended up with sourceforge.net as best solution - for now.
    This brings also the possibilitie to gather better statistics regarding our target audience (platforms).
    Due to the point that Hyperion don´t call us!

    HyperCon moved also to this download location!

    The github wiki is not really - the - solution in terms of a good wiki. If you edit a page via browser we never got a notice or information what happend. Open or closed - nothing in between.
    Due to the big community it was also a wish to use a software that is easy to use and provides a multilingual feature.
    We found a very good solution - VaultWiki

    • VaultWiki is well connected with XenForo and have plenty of features.
    • The forum search searches also at the wiki for your phrase
    • You could use the (wiki) tag in [] to include wiki content in forum posts: example: [wiki]FAQ[/wiki] -> (wiki)FAQ(/wiki)
    • Your account is connected with the wiki and you use the same WYSIWYG editor
    • Everyone with a forum account could extend and modify the wiki
    • Moderated Wiki - the team could approve or decline changes
    • Full history and revert function.
    • Translatable in every language with easy management
    We reworked the whole wiki and extended it with a [wiki=HyperCon]HyperCon Guide[/wiki] and on top of this - all information is translated to [wiki=wiki-de]German[/wiki].
    It is also possible to translate HyperCon in your language too. You will find more information at the development section.
    You could easy link to it if you use the following url: wiki.hyperion-project.org.

    A new website needs new logos, here we go! A clean design with a little bit color - a TV frame is always a good start if you want to represent an ambilight software ;)
    Also new icons for apps and our Kodi Addon are available for implementation.
    Thank you to @CertifiInsanity for these nice logo(s)!

    Kodi Addon
    We polished a little bit the Hyperion Kodi Addon and translated it to german.
    This Addon is now part of the official Kodi repository for easy installation!
    Currently in review stage.
    Have a look at the new wiki page: [wiki]Kodi Addon[/wiki]

    We all know people love apps, you need an app for almost everything!
    At the moment we have just one app that is associated with the Hyperion project - the [wiki]Android Remote[/wiki]
    If you buy it, you support Hyperion to cover the ongoing costs and further development!

    There is also an iOS app out there, which is not associated with us - please take notice that every in app purchase is neither a support nor keeps Hyperion running.

    @Rick164 is working on a new multiplatform app available for:
    Windows Phone, Android, iOS (In this order ;) )
    With new functions! Stay tuned!

    Last words
    Also a BIG thank you to @Rick164 and @TPmodding who made this possible!
    And for all insiders - @tvdzwan and poljvd are still part of it - this is no pseudo-official page.
    Thank you for your trust - i wrote the first email to get in contact with you two months ago. We changed many things till now - but we made a big step for Hyperion and it´s future!
    Last edited: 7 May 2016
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