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X86/64 [Windows + Triple monitor] Need help with setup

Discussion in 'Software Support' started by Echo, 10 February 2021.

  1. Echo

    Echo New Member

    32/64bit, +Arduino, +nodeMCU/ESP8266, RPi4
    Hi there,

    I don't know in which sub-forum should I post, so sorry if this is not the right one.

    I'm trying to understand how all of this works and I am overwhelmed by the amount of information out there, especially since there are thousands of tutorials but none seem to be suitable for my particular case.
    I want to use Hyperion on a PC with Windows and triple monitor setup. Is there a manual (I have already read https://docs.hyperion-project.org/en/user/ but it lacks a lot of information) that explains all the necessary components of this system and how to configure them? I'm pretty sure I understand it, but there are still details that escape me. If I'm not mistaken, it is something like this:


    I already tested it with the last build of Hyperion for Windows + RPi4 with Hyperion receiving data from the PC via Wi-Fi. And it works, kind of. My main concerns are:
    1. I would like to use an Arduino or NodeMCU instead of an RPi4 because of power consumption and size, but I don't understand how to connect and configure them. In several forum posts I've seen Adalight mentioned, but I don't quite understand what it is. Is it a code that runs on the Arduino? Where exactly do I find it? Can it be installed on a NodeMCU with Wi-Fi?
      Which one would be better in terms of performance? Since the image capture and processing is done in Windows, the controller work is minimal. Would I notice performance loss in case of using an Arduino vs. an RPi?
    2. How do I capture 3 screens at the same time? Do I need to use 3 different instances of Hyperion on Windows? Do I need 3 different controllers with 3 independent LED strips?
      I've seen in some tutorial that Hyperion Screen Capture can record 2 or 3 screens at the same time, but I didn't find any explanation on how it works. The only thing I saw is a screenshot where it looks like it uses 3 different Hyperion ports, one for each screen, but I don't understand how to configure any of that.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
  2. jeroen warmerdam

    jeroen warmerdam Raspberry 3B / APA102 / Hyperion.NG relaisbox

    hello new guest, welcome here.
    indeed there is a lot of info floating around.

    The Hyperion software is capable of sending a lot of protocols trough (GPIO/ USB serial) or PROTO buffer for sending images over ethernet port 19445
    i don't know what you all can do with them but if you run Hyperion screengrabber on windows you can make diffrent screen grab rules.

    For only one monitor screengrab in windows its quite easy to set up, and you can set up more with each monitor a diffrent IP > however the software end > raspi or Hyperion.NG on windows can only make one ledstrip setting per instance ( you can make more instances, lets say for every ledstrip ) you can run them all in once MAYBE but GPIO is not capable for that on the raspi.

    what you can do is each monitor you want to grab in Windows and Hyperion you run on Windows > send to a diffrent nodeMCU ( ip adres) which has is own GPIO and ledstrip connected to it.
    its going to be a hassle and expensive !

    Adalight is a ledprotocol that is sended by Hyperion used for Arduino.

    for the rest ask others.
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