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2. Installation

General information

The installation of hyperion consists of several steps:

1. installation of the dependencies and hyperion files (default installed to '/usr/share/hyperion/') (symlinked to /usr/bin/)
2. Raspberry Pi only: add "dtparam=spi=on" to your config.txt
3. configuration file for the hyperion daemon (default file '/etc/hyperion/hyperion.config.json')
4. add hyperiond as a os-service
  • on initctl: "hyperion.conf" in '/etc/init'
  • on init.d: "hyperion" in '/etc/init.d'
  • on systemd: "hyperion.service" in '/etc/systemd/system'
5. start the hyperion service
  • on initctl: 'sudo initctl start hyperion'
  • on init.d: 'sudo service hyperion start'
  • on systemd: 'sudo systemctl start hyperion'
All these steps are wrapped into a single installation script which you could download and execute with just one click inside HyperCon.
HINT: You could also update your Hyperion with the methods given below!


Hyperion - uninstall

It is possible to remove Hyperion completely from your system.
HINT: This is also useful if you screwed up something to start from the beginning just follow the link below.

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