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Arduino HID Device (RawHID) sends all LED data via USB HID Protocol to the device. An Arduino with the HID Project can be used. You can find an usage example there.

    /// Device configuration contains the following fields:
    /// * 'name'       : The user friendly name of the device
    /// * 'type'       : The type of the device or leds
    /// * 'VID'        : USB Vendor ID of the RawHID device in HEX
    /// * 'PID'        : USB Product ID of the RawHID device in HEX
    /// * 'colorOrder' : The order of the color bytes ('rgb', 'rbg', 'bgr', etc.).
    "device" :
        "name"       : "MyPi",
        "type"       : "rawhid",
        "VID"        : "0x2341",
        "PID"        : "0x8036",
        "colorOrder" : "rgb"