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HyperCon - Get V4L2 Screenshots

This page is a chapter in 'HyperCon Guide'

In this short tutorial we will show you, how you gather screenshots from your v4l2 grabber to tune the settings of V4L2 easily.
In any case, you need to be connected via SSH (see HyperCon SSH - Tab)

  1. Do a right click on your led TV simulation (inside the frame)
  2. Click on "Take grabber screenshot..."

3. Now you will get a picture of your grabber

As you see, we have now black borders at the top/bottom/left/right, this needs to be configured at the: HyperCon Grabber - Tab


  • HyperCon uses frame/size decimation hardcoded to (2/1), this prevents green lines that plop up very often. Your settings here will still be written to the config file for daily usage
  • I used a teleshopping channel, cause the pictures are bright - even at the edges - and you see better when your picture may be cut off.
  • Your leds are off now, cause hyperion can´t be active at the same time you do screenshots. You need to click on "Start" at the HyperCon SSH - Tab or reboot

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