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HyperCon Getting started

This page is a chapter in 'HyperCon Guide'

If you started HyperCon successfully you will get the following window.
HINT: Download and information here: HyperCon Information

On the left side you see the settings and on the right the simulation of your TV. (Front view!)

HyperCon settings are divided into 5 tabs which are sorted by topic:
  • Hardware: led settings / blackborder
  • Process: color calibration / smoothing
  • Grabber: Internal / External grabbing
  • External: server ports / forwarder / booteffect
  • SSH: connect to your Hyperion system, for easier Hyperion handling/testing

At the bottom you see a "Save", "Load", "Help/Wiki" and "Create Hyperion Configuration" - Button.
  • Save: Saves your current HyperCon settings (HyperCon_settings.dat) for easy switching between more than one configuration template, you could change the filename at any time.
  • Load: Loads your saved HyperCon settings (HyperCon_settings.dat) easy switching between more than one configuration template
  • Help/Wiki: A Link to the Hyperion Wiki/Forum
  • Create Hyperion Configuration: Create a configuration file (.json). Hyperion won´t startup without it! This file contains all your settings in a readable json format for Hyperion
HINT: HyperCon save and load his settings automatically on every start/close of the program to a file called "hypercon.dat" that is located at the same directory. Just keep that file in place/backup if you (maybe) modify your settings later again to prevent a settings loss.

Now you have a overview about HyperCon and we could getting started with the first tab!
On the next page we will continue with the "Hardware" tab.

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