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HyperCon Information


Hyperion has an external tool called HyperCon which allows for easy building of configuration files thru a graphical interface.

The tool simplifies the process of defining a correct basic configuration file. Fine tuning of device and setup specific configuration may be completed by 'hand', but this is not necessary as the tool remembers the last used settings (Inside the hypercon.dat - store this file!). The configuration can therefor be easily tuned and re-generated without the need to redefine the entire configuration. On the left-side of the application-window the configuration of the led's around the TV can be configured. On the right-side an example is rendered of the TV setup. The image used can be selected by clicking on the TV with the right-mouse button. Application components can be disabled by completely removing their configuration block or by commenting them entirely.

  • Java V1.7 or higher is recommended
Java installation is different per platform and here are the examples for some:


From terminal execute:

sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre

From terminal execute as the superuser:

yum install java-1.7.0-openjdk*.

Download and install it from the official site and choose between the 32bit and 64bit version depending on your Windows OS:




java -jar ./HyperCon.jar

Open the .jar file as you would a regular .exe file and it should launch it using Java (JRE), if not right click and selected "Open with" then "Java" listed in the list.


The latest version can be found on sourceforge.net:

Latest HyperCon version

NOTE: After you started HyperCon successfully, you could proceed with:HyperCon Guide

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