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HyperCon Process - Tab

This page is a chapter in 'HyperCon Guide'

Welcome to the third part of our HyperCon round.
In this article we want to provide more information about the "Process" Tab.


Smoothing make the led color transition "smoother".
For example a thunderbold in a movie that light up the whole picture will have a smooth fade out to (may be more eye-friendly or attract you less from the content)
  • Enabled: If checked, the smoothing is enabled
  • Type: The smoothing type that is used
  • Time [ms]: The time that is used to gather pictures in ms. The higher the value the "longer" will be the smoothing.
  • Update Freq. [Hz]: The output update frequency to the leds in Hz
  • Update Delay: The delay of the output to leds (in periods of smoothing (1/Hz))
HINT: This setting takes also effect for all of the "Effects" that are bundled with Hyperion.
HINT: If your effects stutter a little bit, higher the "Update Freq." to at least 30. You may see this behaviour, when the rainbow swirl ends and it fades out. "30" is known as working for at least APA102, other hardware may fail just try it out.

Color Calibration

We need first a working basic configuration file for the calibration, if you have done that already proceed with Color Calibration if not, just follow the guide below. You will be redirected to this later again.

You hopefully have done the next step to your own amazing ambilight.
On the next page we will continue with the "Grabber" tab.

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