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HyperCon SSH - Tab

This page is a chapter in 'HyperCon Guide'

Welcome to the sixth and last part of our HyperCon round.
In this article we want to provide more information about the "SSH" Tab.

SSH provide you the following features:

  • Install and update your Hyperion with just one click, also a complete remove is possible
  • Upload your configuration (hyperion.config.json) to Hyperion with just two clicks.
  • Start and Stop your Hyperion service (After you uploaded a new configuration you need to stop and start once to load the new configuration)
  • Get Screenshots of your V4L2 grabber directly loaded into the led TV simulation on the right side
  • Test your colors with the colorpicker
  • For "debugging" purposes you could get a log of your hyperion with just one click. We need this log to provide you a better help in case of problems.

SSH - Connection

First, you need to input some information.
For OpenELEC, LibreELEC, OSMC = enable ssh at the settings, on all other system you need to do it by hand (link: raspi-config).
  • System: Choose your system
  • Target IP: The IP address of the system Hyperion runs on. (See HINT below)
  • Port: The ssh port, usually on all systems: 22
  • Username: Username, on
    • OpenELEC/LibreELEC/RasPlex: root
    • Raspbian/RetroPie: pi
    • OSMC: osmc
  • Passwort: password of the user above, on:
    • OpenELEC: openelec
    • RasPlex: rasplex
    • LibreELEC: libreelec
    • Raspbian/RetroPie: pi
    • OSMC: osmc
If you have done your settings just click on "Connect".If all greyed out buttons on the HyperCon SSH tab below are enabled now, you are connected!

Target IP HINT: If you don´t know it, search it with Advanced IP-Scanner (Windows only) you don´t need to install it, just use "Execute" and then click the "Scan" button. Now search for phrases like "openelec/osmc/raspberry" and type in that ip address listet there. Or you login on your router and search their for the dhcp lists.

Username HINT: You don´t need to login as user "root" on Raspbian/RetroPie/OSMC, just use the default.

This is a new feature (Mai 2016), you may need to update first hyperion/hypercon once to get the config upload working.

SSH - Manage Hyperion from HyperCon

  • Inst./Upd. Hyperion: Update or install Hyperion on the connected system
  • Remove Hyperion: You could also remove Hyperion from the connected system (Backup your config(s), if necessary!?
  • Start: Start Hyperion on the connected system
  • Stop: Stop Hyperion on the connected system
  • Get Log: Grab a Hyperion-Log to see errors that occur (for debugging purposes)
HINT: If you uploaded a new configuration, you need to "Stop" and "Start" Hyperion before the config take effect.

SSH - Send Hyperion Configuration

  • Local Config Path: The path to the configuration file you want to upload
  • Send: Click on this button, when you are selected the file to start the upload.
HINT: If you uploaded a new configuration, you need to "Stop" and "Start" Hyperion before the config take effect.

SSH - Colorpicker

The colorpicker enables you to play around with the colors a little bit.

  • Colorwheel: If checked, the colorwheel is enabled
  • Expertview: Some expert settings to use values instead the colorwheel
  • Auto update: Sends the colors continuous without a click on "Set Led Color"
  • Set Led Color: Sends the choosen led color
  • Clear: Reset everything you have done

After you uploaded your configuration and stopped/started Hyperion once, first use the "Colorpicker" to send a red/green/blue and check if the colors are correct (RGB Byte Order).
We also have a FAQ which covers the most common problems that occur now.

Now you have a working basic configuration!
Now you could proceed with: Color Calibration
and if you use it, configure your V4L2 grabber: HyperCon Grabber - Tab

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