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Installation on all systems

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The installation/update of Hyperion is very easy.

1. Download HyperCon (The Hyperion Configuration File Builder)

HyperCon information and download

2. Start HyperCon you will see the following picture:

3. Click on the SSH - Tab

4. Connect with your system you want to install Hyperion on

First, you need to input some information.
For OpenELEC, LibreELEC, OSMC = enable ssh at the settings, on all other system you may need to do it by hand (link: raspi-config).
  • System: Choose your system
  • Target IP: The IP address of the system you want to install Hyperion. (See HINT below)
  • Port: The ssh port, usually on all systems: 22
  • Username: Username, on
    • OpenELEC/RasPlex/LibreELEC/PlexMediaPlayer: root
    • Raspbian/RetroPie: pi
    • OSMC: osmc
  • Password: Password of the user above, on:
    • OpenELEC: openelec
    • LibreELEC: libreelec
    • RasPlex: rasplex
    • PlexMediaPlayer: plex
    • Raspbian/RetroPie: pi
    • OSMC: osmc
If you have done your settings just click on "Connect".If all greyed out buttons on the HyperCon SSH tab below are enabled now, you are connected!

Target IP HINT: If you don´t know it, search it with Advanced IP-Scanner (Windows only) you don´t need to install it, just use "Execute" and then click the "Scan" button. Now search for phrases like "openelec/osmc/raspberry" and type in that ip address listet there. Or you login on your router and search their for the dhcp lists.

Username HINT: You don´t need to login as user "root" on Raspbian/RetroPie/OSMC, just use the default.

5. Now click the "Inst./Upd. Hyperion" button.
NOTE: You could use this button also to UPDATE Hyperion to a newer version.

6. Now be patient (installation may take up to 5 minutes).
Afterwards you see the script output. If you see no "Critical Error" message, all went good.
It is possible that your system reboots now automatically!

7. Finished

Now you need your own created configuration file (hyperion.config.json) that depends on your led hardware/setup. Follow: HyperCon Guide