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Kodi Addon


Note: This Hyperion Kodi addon will not work on the Raspberry Pi! The Kodi video player of the Raspberry Pi is missing the interface used by this addon and therefore will not work. On the Raspberry Pi, Hyperion uses dispmanx from the firmware to make screen captures.
Note: Disable on android boxes/system the hardware acceleration. This plugin have no access to the movie stream.

A Kodi addon is available which captures the video output and forwards image data to the Hyperion server via Proto-Port. The addon needs to be configured with the address of the Hyperion Proto-port before it can work. Besides the basic grabbing of the playing video, no additional fancy features are available. Below two screenshot with Kodi V17 and higher appearance.

Explanation of the Addon settings
  • Enable addon (Grabbing): If disabled, the addon won´t run.
  • -Enable when on screensaver: The addon still grabs, when the screeensaver is active
  • Hyperion host IP-address: The IP-address of the system Hyperion runs on
  • Hyperion host PROTO-port: The proto port of your Hyperion instance (default 19445)
  • Hyperion priority channel: The lower this value the HIGHER the priority. Priority is set across all Hyperion devices and effects
  • Reconnect timeout (s): How long should the addon wait until it throws an error
  • Grabber picture width: The width of the grabbed picture (recommended: default value 64)
  • Grabber picture height: The height of the grabbed picture (recommended: default value 64)
  • Frame rate: the frame rate this addon grabs pictures (recommended: default value 10)
You need to download the addon, extract the zip and place it where all other addons of kodi are placed
windows: C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons

This addon is available at the official Kodi repository!
Kodi Krypton (V17) and higher: Navigate - Add-ons -> click the icon at the bottom left corner -> Install from repository -> Kodi Add-on repository -> Services -> Hyperion Ambilight
Kodi Helix (V14) and Isengard (V15): Navigate - System -> Add-ons -> Install from repository -> Kodi Add-on repository -> Services -> Hyperion Ambilight

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