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Matrix configuration Script

Juha Rantanen created a Node.js script to create LED configurations for matrices.
Source: matrix-config.js
Usage is simple:
node matrix-config.js --help
Hyperion matrix configurator by RanzQ
-w --width <number>        : Matrix width
-h --height <number>       : Matrix height
-p --parallel              : Parallel rows (not snake)
-s --start [ver]-[hor]     : Starting corner, e.g. top-right
-d --debug                 : Debug print instead of json output
So for example if your matrix is 32x8 with the first LED at bottom right, you can create LED a config for it like:
node matrix-config.js -w 32 -h 8 -s bottom-right
You can print individual LED coordinates with option `--debug`. Otherwise it outputs the `LEDs` part of the hyperion config. You can output it to a file using:
node matrix-config.js -w 32 -h 8 -s bottom-right > leds.json
I think usually matrices have alternating row directions (snake) so I used it as default. If your matrix has rows going same direction use option `--parallel`.

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