Protect you Build

  • So you have completed your build, spent a few $$$ and possibly had to upgrade a few parts in the process but its now that good there are jaw marks indented on your coffee table from fellow spectators who are amazed at the build :classy: but your cool with that and have coasters arriving next week that will hopefully hide it :cool:

    On sunny days you can almost see your reflection on the tightly twisted and beautifully soldered corner joins - a true work of art that may never be admired or fully appreciated by anyone other than yourself :(

    The LED Strip has sufficient power and you know at the press of a button your wall will light up like a Christmas tree :p

    But did you do the basics and protect your equipment?

    After seeing a few setups over the internet and numerous You Tube videos, a lot of people fail to do the absolute basics and protect the components they are installing, It may only be 5 or 12 volts so nothing to dangerous but its still electricity and components are sensitive to it, especially if they are sending or receiving signals.

    So if you are tapping into the same power supply to feed other components, streamline your build or just want to free up valuable plug sockets, look into each component and find its output, reduce or increase the voltage if required but most importantly look at the original plug or manufacturers spec sheet and add a fuse equal to that value in Amps.

    Anything consuming power from that source should be protected, by adding something as simple and inexpensive as a fuse you are protecting your components from drawing more power than they can handle therefore reducing the chance of them destroying themselves from the inside out and depending on the device possibly prevent a fire.

    It really could be the difference between replacing a blown fuse to replacing a new LED strip, Pi, HDMI splitter or anything else connected to that source.

    If in doubt, get the multimeter out :LOL:


  • But did you do the basics and protect your equipment?

    i did know, :oops::D

    you reminded me of doing that still so today contacted my budy to arrange fuseholders and fuses to protect my build.
    then do the last fidgeting on my relaisbox and finish!

  • Sweet, even better if you got a buddy to split to the consumables and bill with :LOL:

    i implemented the fusebox today, now its finish :cool:;)

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