Forum Rules

1. General Conduct

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  • b) Be polite.
  • c) Be patient, users and staff are spread out all over the world, so answering may take some time.
  • d) Don't try to sell services or hardware to people on our forum.

2. Posting

  • a) One topic per thread.
  • b) All posts should be written in English, except in the designated area.
  • c) Be as descriptive and detailed as possible. We're not mind readers.
  • d) Don't cross-post or double-post.
  • e) Don't Full-Quote!

3. Signatures

  • a) Don't make it excessively noticeable, drawing all attention to the signature.
  • b) Forum moderators have the right to delete or alter your signature without warning if they are too noticeable.

4. Piracy policy

  • a) All discussions regarding the piracy or theft of copyrighted materials will not be tolerated
  • b) Accounts and/or posts may be removed without notice in case of clear violation of forum rules.