4K@120hz USB video capture card possible?

  • Hello Hyperion Community,

    I'm currently working on an ambilight setup for my new TV. I'm getting a 4K@120hz HDMI signal from my HDMI switch and I want to buy a HDMI splitter where one HDMI signal gets sent to my TV and the other to a USB video capture card. Then the USB video capture card downscales the 4k@120hz HDMI signal to 1080p@60hz which can then be comfortably processed by the Raspberry Pi for controlling my led strip.

    However, I can't seem to find a 4K@120hz to 1080p@60hz downscaler (at least not any below the cost of my TV) so I was wondering if this is even possible and if I'm thinking about all of this in the wrong way. Any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance and happy holidays!

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