Hyperion not working on Raspberry Pi Zero W running Raspbian Jessie Lite

  • Hi there,

    I recently started my Ambilight project with Hyperion on a Raspberry Pi Zero W using an APA102 LED strip, but Hyperion does not seem to work for me. My Pi is running Raspian Jessie Lite and has Hyperion installed. I think it is capable of receiving configurations sent from HyperCon (what is the SSH log supposed to say if a configuration has successfully been uploaded?), but it does not seem to do anything with these configurations: nothing lights up when booting and the lights do not respond to HyperCon and the Hyperion iOS app, even though both indicate to be connected perfectly fine. My Pi is connected to the same ground as the rest of my setup, but for some strange reason, the LEDs sometimes all light up in random colors (except for a few, which stay black) when I connect an extra wire from pin 6 of my Pi to the ground of my power supply, even though they should already have the same ground. Can somebody please help me out? I am using the default configuration.

  • Can you upload you log when you connect to ssh, start hyperion and give a couple color commands from hypercon?

    Also show us the pictures of how you have everything set up?

    I have attached some screen captures of the log: the first one shows that SSH is connected, the second one is what happens when I press start, the third one is when I try to send a color to the LED strip and the last one is what happens when I press stop. In all cases, nothing happens when I look at the LED strip.

    I am absolutely positive that it is not an issue with my wiring, as right now, I am running the 5V line and the ground of a standard ATX power supply straight into two separate distribution boxes, which my LED strip and a cut-off micro USB cable for my Pi are connected to. The LED strip is connected to my Pi with its CI on pin 19 and its DI on pin 23.

  • Hey, this is wrong.

    DI is Data Input and should go to pin 19. CI is clock input and should go to pin 23.
    Make sure you didn't do this wrong.

    Also, make sure there's a common ground between led, power supply for led and the pi.

    Thanks for your reply! However, switching the wires would not solve the fact that Hyperion does not respond to the start and stop buttons in HyperCon, as seen in the screen captures, right?

  • Actually it would. From what i see, your hypercon is working just fine. it's just your leds not responding.

    Actually it would. From what i see, your hypercon is working just fine. it's just your leds not responding.

    It still doesn’t work though. Are you sure that the log is supposed to say “2>/dev/null” when I press start or stop?

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