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    Lightstripper bekommt dein rpi durch die steckdosenleiste genug strom?

    2 Befehle zum prüfen:

    /opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd get_throttled

    zeigt dir den status und mit

    [tt]dmesg | grep Under-voltage[tt][/tt][/tt]

    sieht du ob es schon öfters vorkam...würde mich mal interessieren...meine leisten schaffen das alle nicht trotz der korrekten ampere..

    Hey everyone,

    Lord-Grey and Paulchen-Panther did it again!

    They pushed Hyperion to the next version with a HUGE of optimizations!

    You can find the new Version as always on our Github-Page.

    HyperBian is also set up with the latest Hyperion!

    IMPORTANT: Due to the rework of the grabbers, both screen- and video grabbers are disabled after the upgrade to the new version.

    Please, re-enable the grabber of choice via the UI, validate the configuration and save the setup. The grabber should then restart.

    The focus of this release is on user experience.

    We tried as much as possible supporting you in getting valid setup done, as well as providing enough room for expert users to tweak configurations here and there.

    The reworked dashboard provides you now with the ability to control individual components, jump to key configuration items, as well as to switch between LED instances easily.

    The refined color coding in the user-interfaces, helps you to quickly identify instance specific and global configuration items.

    Of course, the release brings new features (e.g. USB Capture on Windows), as well as minor enhancements and a good number of fixes.



    spidev0.0 läuft doch mit 500kHz. Passt :thumbup:

    Nicht ganz... da sind nur nullen...also entweder ist SPI defekt oder er hat die pins nicht gebrückt wie im text dabei steht...


    Loopback test

    This can be used to test SPI send and receive. Put a wire between MOSI and MISO. It does not test CE0 and CE1.


    2021-07-15T22:50:23.297Z [hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VIDEO0] (ERROR) Throws error nr: VIDIOC_DQBUF error code 19, No such device

    2021-07-15T22:50:23.298Z [hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VIDEO0] (ERROR) VIDIOC_STREAMOFF error code 19, No such device

    2021-07-15T22:50:23.301Z [hyperiond V4L2:/DEV/VIDEO0] (INFO) Stopped

    can you provide me the info from this command:

    /opt/vc/bin/vcgencmd get_throttled