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    unfortunately running the app as administrator didn't do the trick. It crashed again. Please see the log attached

    Thanks for helping

    Ok. Now I was able to capture the error. I started the aerial screensaver manually with an active screengrabber. As it takes some time for the error to happen I left the room and when I came back the ambilight was dark. Here is the log that was written on error level

    I have no idea where the actual error occured but I hope it helps to track it down.

    Thanks again.

    Thanks for sharing the log.

    1. It seems like like the capture works for you some times. Can you tell me when does this error happen?

    Thanks for the reply. I've turned error logging on and will let you know as soon as I'm able to reproduce it. Currently I just know that it works perfect on desktop, browser and Kodi but if the screensaver kicks in it starts working and without any action it shows the error. I'm aware that this description doesn't help. But I'll provide an update as soon as I can say more.

    thanks very much for the new version. My logging shows a reoccurring exception that sometimes appeares also on the desktop as a notification.

    I was able to reproduce this if I run the Aerial Screensaver for a while. I also saw this on other occasions. Thanks to version 2.2 I can provide a log for this

    The full log is this

    I'm running Windows 10 - fall creators update with nvidia 1050ti (latest drivers) and 4k screen.

    BTW: There's another thing. Sometimes the screen is not grabbed at all. E.g. when using the netflix app store app. Browser works.
    Also experienced a strange behavior when playing games in full hd resolution instead of 4k. It seems like the screen grabber only grabs the upper left corner in 1920x1080. It would be great if the grabber would recognize this and also automatically adjust the scaling factor. In this case it should change from 32 for 4k to 16 for FullHD.

    Thanks very much.