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    Thank you Akriss! That was my stumbling block! Everything works perfectly now.


    I've discovered this earlier this year and I ordered some parts to get this up and running, but I'm running into a software issue that I want to try to resolve before I start digging into my hardware issue.

    I am running Raspberry Pi 2 and I am only successfully able to instal Alpha 7. When I do have it installed, I can only get the effects to work.

    When I try to install Alpha 9, it says that the dependencies are missing and for some reason I am unable to get them to install. My skill level is pretty beginner with a professional copy/paster level of knowledge; however, reading the code that I am pasting, I can usually decipher what is happening and what the end goal is.

    I'd love to see if I can get this working - and currently on my pi, not sure if it makes a difference, i'm running pi-hole & pivpn.