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    Oh my F**k ! Those look awesome!! 3 on the vertical per LEED ....I was looking at the 2815's ...see those bad boys!!???? But it looks like the engineering department was on the ball the day the made those 5050's man ...solid looking product !

    if anyone else is looking for a solution to this problem its because you're a dingus and ordered ws2811 ! haha just like me ! On 2811 leds there is one micro controller every 3 leds (system considers this to be one led not 3) . so i divided the total leds on the strip by 3 and bam! working like a charm!!!!

    I did yes ....Ive been checking the forums and I think I found where I messed up ...I got ws2811 lights and apparently they're only addressable in threes ? Each circuit is 3 leds I'm inputting 3 times as many LEDs ....I'm going to try that in the morning ....thank you for your reply !

    im having an issue with the left and right sides of my leds on my tv are inverted and can find info on it . everything is correct visually with my set up but top left is bottom left for some reason and the same with the right side . anyone run into this before !!!???