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    It will be awesome to have profile or just brightness settings based on time. Daytime - 100% brightness, night - 50% for example. What you guys think about it?

    I'm technical guy but still can't get the point of few most important settings here and there. Like smoothing for example.
    My feature request is about to have simple settings for ambilight setup, like Brightness, Saturation, Blur, Fade In/Out speed.
    So, 5 sliders will do the job.

    Hello! Im ok about fast color switching of LEDs to new color, but I don't like how quick they turning black, so, I want to get longer fade out effect. Is this possible? I'm still can't find useful explanation of Smoothing options here on forum unfortunately. As I understand it - it will help with high freq flashing from one color to another and back, so, its nothing about fadeout.

    Another issue - single green leds on dark scenes. I've tried to crop 2 pixels on all sides and rise minimal Backlight threshold to 1-2% - it still not helping.