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    I've created PoC for my automatic color calibrator via iphone camera and it works good for my setup but i can't save settings via available API, so, i still need to put numbers and save them manually.

    Here you can see default RED color (255,0,0) against adjusted via camera (255,22,2). Camera feed used to compare tv screen with wall color, no need to have 100% white balance/color match in this case.

    Some progress with WHITE calibration. Full automation, just clicking on button after proper camera position.

    Hello! Im trying to develop some addon for my Hyperian setup. My web app communicate with JSON API.

    I've tested some methods and all works fine except this one: Adjustments

    I have successful response but none of adjustments are saved.

    My Payload:

    and response:

    {command: "adjustment", success: true, tan: 0}

    In web UI i still see old values after page refresh:

    I've tried single adjustment and multiple ones as described in manual - no success.

    Please advice what im doing wrong.


    Thank you for your answer. Ive decided to recheck my led layout and found the issue. I have a gap of 1 led on connection point and ive missed something about it - gap counts as led in total leds count as well as in bottom leds count. Corner gap in your example helped a bit to better understand the layout settings. Now i have perfect match for led position and colors on screen.

    Im confused about proper LED layout settings in Hyperion. Check my image for details.

    Option #1:

    Option #2:

    Option #3:

    Which one is correct in terms of Hyperion settings for vertical and horizontal leds count?

    The problem is that on my setup I can't perfectly align leds to colors (position) on the screen. It's ok on right/top sides and start to shift on left and bottom slightly.

    I've mounted my led strips like on #1/#2 pictures. For #3 I have a question — if Hyperion expect this layout, what about corner? Its missed?

    It will be awesome to have profile or just brightness settings based on time. Daytime - 100% brightness, night - 50% for example. What you guys think about it?

    I'm technical guy but still can't get the point of few most important settings here and there. Like smoothing for example.
    My feature request is about to have simple settings for ambilight setup, like Brightness, Saturation, Blur, Fade In/Out speed.
    So, 5 sliders will do the job.

    Hello! Im ok about fast color switching of LEDs to new color, but I don't like how quick they turning black, so, I want to get longer fade out effect. Is this possible? I'm still can't find useful explanation of Smoothing options here on forum unfortunately. As I understand it - it will help with high freq flashing from one color to another and back, so, its nothing about fadeout.

    Another issue - single green leds on dark scenes. I've tried to crop 2 pixels on all sides and rise minimal Backlight threshold to 1-2% - it still not helping.