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    Thanks for the reply and the info about the opengl version. will definitely give that a try someday this week :)
    For now i made it possible to pause and resume the virtual display from the outside, and made a button send the appropriate adb command. This way, i just need to press a button to disable/enable it, when i start/stop watching 4k content (…4602f10da37de049bca9443a6 )

    Nice work, but I believe this should be possible already with this adb command:
    `adb shell am start`

    I should maybe document that somewhere; I forget it exists!


    Hey @heikomat

    To be totally honest, I'm not sure how much more performance I personally would be able to squeeze out of it. I'm not sure I have enough knowledge of the internal workings of the surfaces & image buffers to form a concise plan for improving things. I would be more than happy to look at any ideas people may have though. Request for flatbuffer support

    What you could try is the Alpha #4 build from github. That version still has the old grabber that I started with included, which leverages openGL. In testing we didn't see any real benefit to using it on the hardware we had, so opted to remove it since keeping it around effectively meant double the work for new features.

    Give that version a whirl and see if there is any better performance. There are probably some random bugs left in that build, but should be usable enough to test it!

    I installed the screen grabber on Xiaomi Mi box, running latest stock firmware. Screen grabbing works fine in android menus, Kodi home menu and video playback. It doesn't work in Netflix and Youtube. Interesting thing is that it works in Youtube on my mobile phone, so I guess I'll try with some alternative Youtube app for AndroidTV.
    However, I have another problem. When the screen grabber is turned on, I cannot no longer control the Hyperion server using Android remote app or commnd line. There is an options named "priority" in the seetings, which is set at 50 in the grabber, but setting priority >50 in remote app doesn't work. It seems like your grabber has ultimate priority. Can you look into this?

    Hey bud. It would appear that some devices utilize different hardware for rendering certain videos, which seems like a DRM thing more than anything. Doesn't look like anything can be done about that.

    For the priority, the lower value is actually a higher priority (as counter-intuitive as that may be), so you would want that set to 49 to be prioritized over the grabber app.

    hello, i have hyperion setup with rpi2+arduino. Im about to buy nvidia shield. Will i have some problem getting kodi+hyperion to work? do i need rpi2 or just connect arduino to nvidia via USB with this grabber?
    im using it like this for years and many things could change so if there is some tutorial or something that can help me. I just want my hyperion work with nvidia shield :)


    Hey bud,

    For this setup you will definitely want to keep the rpi around. I tried experimenting with controlling something directly from the shield over usb, but it was distracting me from making a functional app! The application works via a network connection, so as long as your pi is on your network you should be alright.

    There should be no problems whatsoever using the grabber with kodi on the shield, the only apps (on the shield at least) that I have found to have problems are DRM protected apps like Netflix & Amazon Video.

    So as long as your hyperion hardware is all set up and running the app should connect and work without any additional steps!

    can someone tell what the setup for SHIELD tv .. like what i need for the rest ...and im new just give in simple way lol

    Do you already have a hyperion setup, or are you starting from scratch? If you are starting from scratch there are a few posts in the "DIY tutorials" that will get you started. If not there is a setup wizard in the app that should streamline getting things configured... But feel free to post any questions here!

    Another little update, I've tried to grab directly from the frame buffer, /dev/graphics/fb0, unfortunately the nvidia shield tv reboots it self when touching it, either reading or writing it, I think they are using a custom framebuffer or it is some sort of protection but maybe on other devices it could work (also, I'm not expert and I could have caused it due to my lack of experience )

    Very interesting... I'll have to look into whether that would be a viable way of grabbing an image or not! Would probably be more along the lines of native android development for specific devices, but maybe that could be an option,

    Really nice work guys!

    I can't say that I find these results all that surprising to be honest. When looking further into exactly how the DRM stuff works, it does seem like it is something deeper within the GPUs themselves that encode the videostream. I suspect this is also why some devices like the Sony Bravias do not play well at all with some video - likely anything that requires the GPU to play.

    If this is the case, I'm really not sure how much help I can offer breaking down that barrier! That's a real tough one.

    Hey bud, couple of things:
    [INDENT]Are you able to control your lights via the hyperion remote?…rion.hyperionpro&hl=en_US

    Are you using the setup wizard, and is it finding your hyperion instance correctly? If so, do the LEDs light up? Do they light up when testing in the settings activity?

    If yes to the above, do the LEDs light up in the menus, is it a specific thing/app that isn't working?
    Here is a copy of my config (if it helps):

    Double check the 'priority' values in your config, I believe if they are set lower than the priority value in the grabber app's settings then it may fail to display anything. Likewise with the remote app I linked to above.

    I use an Zidoo x9s Android Player.

    Kodi menu is ok
    Maine menu is ok

    but if i play any movie the leds shut off

    Sounds like a DRM thing, unfortunately I don't have a way to make those play nice (at least right now). You may be able to try rooting and installing something like magisk but I don't have any confirmation this actually works.

    Hi, just tested your app on my Shield pro, really great work.
    i was missing ambilight since i got my shield.
    I tested with hyperion-ng is it also compatible with the old hyperion?
    IMO the black detection (not blackborder) was better in the old hyperion, or does anyone know where the black threshold is gone in NG?

    Both versions of hyperion should work fine! I found if I made the black border detector a value greater than 0 it worked better with this app. I'm running 0.01 on my instance!

    Hi, I have tested your app with a Sony Bravia A1.

    Android menu Ok
    Amazon prime, Youtube: menu Ok, not working with any movies
    Kodi: menu Ok, working with sd/hd movies, not working with uhd/4k movies
    DTT: not working

    That seems to be a common theme with Bravias. I haven't done enough research to be able to say for sure what is going on there yet, and unfortunately do not have access to one to test things on. Maybe it's a DRM thing, but I'm only guessing. Not sure what DTT is?

    is there a little "how to" for this app. I´m asking because I want to try it on my Shield 2017. I´m running a Hyperion Instance on on my Raspberry. Is the "grabbing Data" send by network to the Hyperion device? Tahnk you in advanced for a little help to push me in the right direction :)


    Hey Mike,

    This app is intended to control hyperion over a network connection, so you would want the pi running hyperion to simply be connected to the same network as your shield. From there we have a connection wizard implemented, which should help you get your hostname/ip configured for the app.

    I would love to be able to get this working by connecting the pi directly to the shield (or any android TV device) via USB, but I'm not even sure if that is possible to be honest.

    I developed this to run on my 2017 shield, so you should be good to go as long as everything is on the same network!

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    EDIT: I also see you are from Italy, If you would be interested in doing some translating to Italian shoot me a PM with your email and I can get you setup to contribute!

    Hey there, I think maybe the smart TVs with android installed may be using some sort of DRM. Netflix does this for certain, but I can't comment on the live TV functionality unfortunately since I do not have that hardware available to me. Youtube does work for me however (running on a 2017 shield TV), but I am suspecting they may have a different version for smart TVs since I have heard a lot of people mention problems with them. Would you be able to post the exact version of your youtube apk please?

    I stuffed the absolute maximum amount of leds on the tv. Using some Ws2812b 5v LEDS. They are what i've always used.
    I noticed with this grabber the colors are more defined/lively, i thought they looked kinda dull on previous setup, tried a heap of converters, splitters, cables and connecting in different ways. It looks "allrite" without even tuning the colors or anything yet. Will it be possible to do the black bar detection in the grabber and crop the image accordingly or is this putting the cart before the horse?

    Actually I have some code that does that, but I am sort of leaning towards encouraging people to use hyperion to handle that. I found if the black border detection was set to 0 then it would not work (at least with this app). I set mine to 0.01 and then in started to work. Give that a try!

    This is on a 65 inch tv, 264 LED setup. Dont know if that is considered a "lot of" LEDs in this context?

    Been watching a movie and some stuff now, works without a hitch so far. Really dependable compared to a splitter/grabber setup i used to run.

    Really glad to hear that - I only started working on this because I wasn't happy with the performance & headache of splitters! :LOL:

    The default value is around 220 LEDs (60 tall x 50 wide), so you probably won't notice any improvement by increasing the counts. I have to use common divisors for the width & height of the image to maintain the correct aspect ratio, which is what the app figures out the best value to use based on the number of LEDs you have. I don't think your count is different enough from the default to lower the divisor used, so you should be all set!

    The next version will include the ability to send only the average color of the screen, along with you translations!

    I've built a new led setup now and gotten it all working. Seems very good so far, not a hell of a long running time yet but no issues. Is the amount of leds in the setup any important?Seeing as i've got it all set up in hyperion?
    This is a shield tv, raspberry pi and a Arduino build.

    Glad to hear it is working for you!

    The count of the LEDs is sort of my way of determining the quality of the image to send to hyperion. Rather than have scaling settings or something that the user just takes guesses at, I just gather the info about the LEDs to automatically figure out the optimal quality. I would wager the default works for majority of people, but if you have a ton of LEDs in your setup you will want to set that info (or conversely if you have a low number then setting those values lower will send a smaller image - thus saving some CPU)!

    Congratulations on the release. Not tested yet. However i cant seem to find it in play store on android nor android tv. This may be some localization issue (i can install apk. No problem) just curious on why its not showing up. This would be Norweigan play store i guess. I have never been much impressed with the contents of the play store on my shield for the record.

    You may need to join the beta program before you see the app in the store. I haven't pushed a production release yet so only certain people can see it right now.

    Check my first post in this thread for instructions!