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    I'm using Sk9822 with SPI

    I've done the calibration in hyperion, I have set my white point a little towards red (to warm it up) and my gamma is 1.2,1.5,1.5

    In dark scenes, it appears I get a glow of red, thus might just be a limitation of rgb not being able to provide very dull greys, colours everywhere else are perfect.

    Any thoughts?

    What brackets are holding the pipe to the TV?

    Thanks I got libreelec and hyperion working, just no Leds to test properly yet, however looking at the back of my TV I have noticed I have a large gap on one side, how would you tackle the mounting of leds?

    I have decided to get SK9822 LEDs from Aliexpress, I'm going to install Openelec for the time being and a Plex plugin so I can access my media that way.

    This gets around needing to buy a HDMI loop for the short term.

    Thanks @davieboy

    My other question is, the back of my TV curves at the edges, should the strip be affixed to the actual rear rather than the side of the set?

    My TV isn't wall mounted but it's within a couple of feet of it.

    The stand runs along the bottom of the TV so would prevent the strip being placed there, do I just go either side of it?

    Hi, I found this project because I was originally just looking at the bias lighting kits on amazon but wondered if there was a way to DIY Ambilight style lighting, I'm happy to find that there is!

    I have bought a HDMI loop which another user has stated works in another thread on here, a lot of the tutorials refer to the 3 pin WS2812B but I've read that these are not the best option if you are planning to utilise the GPIO or SPI pins on the Rpi due to timing issues.

    I'm struggling to find any of the other recommended LEDs for a reasonable price in the UK, I would rather do it right first time, but not if it involves twice the cost.

    Another issue is that the 3pin corner connectors don't seem to be very readily available and/or are unreliable, I would rather not mess around soldering the corners if I can avoid it.