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    Hi Akriss,

    thanks for the high quality explanation links! Much appreciated.

    Unfortunately, I am living in a rented flat and modifications to the motors / electrical blinds is not possible.

    So either I can do something with my LED hardware / raspberry or with the software.

    As far as I imagine, I would need to shield the raspberry pi, the led strip and every wire connecting those from the EMI.

    It sounds to me that the software approach would be easier.

    I might need to take a look at the hyperion sources.



    Hi everyone,

    I've got a Raspberry Pi and a APA102 LED strip on my TV.
    I am using it as a light and control it via homeassistant.
    If I turn the strip off (rgb(0,0,0)) and use my electrical blinds, some leds turn on. However, if the lights are on and I use the electrical blinds, the LEDs flicker but return to the currently selected Hyperion LED setting, probably because the LEDs receive a constant stream of control informations with the currently selected color.

    With the old hyperion, this was working well when the strip is "black".

    Is there any configuration to enable LED control updates when the strip is set to rgb(0,0,0)?

    I know this is a bit obscure, so if anyone can tell me how I can prevent that the electrical blinds manipulate the LEDs this would be solved as well.

    Thanks in advance,