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    Thanks. That did it. :)

    Now the next issue:
    All my stuff (Kodi, DigitalTV-box, and so on) are connected via the reciever to the TV. The reciever has one output HDMI and the TV has one HDMI with CEC and ARC.

    If I just plug in the HDMI video capture-device between TV and reciever I can't control or send sound via HDMI back through the capture-device.
    Any solutions?


    I have a problem.

    My setup:
    Rpi 3b+ with Raspberry Pi OS Lite and Hyperion
    HDMI Video capture with loop
    Leds WS2812 (connected via GPIO 18 on the Pi)

    My problem:
    It all works just fine when showing movies and series and such but when I shutdown my homecinema (TV and reciever) this happens:

    When something shows on TV the leds light up as they should but when everything is OFF this happens. "Background effect" is set to off.