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    So if I have a separate power supply powering my Pi 4 then I have to connect a wire from the ground of the PSU to a GPIO pin of the Pi? I plan on having a regular 5V/3A USB charger for the Pi and a 5V/30A PSU for the LEDs since I’ll have about 330 LEDs or so.

    Okay so just the one resistor from the Arduino data line but a capacitor at both ends of each led strip is what it seems like you’re saying. My calculation was just under 22 amps as well (estimating the number of LEDs) so I was looking at a 30 amp PSU.

    While my setup is "only" 85 inch, I feel like it could handle 100 no problem. I inject power on the front and back of all 4 sides and use 1000uf capacitors at each power connection. I have a 5v 30a PSU with 10 AWG that runs to a distribution block centered on the back of the TV and use 20 AWG to run to all the corners. You'll need to figure out what LEDs you want, then get a rough estimate of how many you'll need, and figure out your max power consumption to get the appropriate amperage PSU. For reference, I'm at 334 WS2812b LEDs and the max current is about 22 amps.


    I also have an 85” that I’m looking to try and set up with the lighting. You have the first setup that I’ve seen where each side is powered for all four strips and it makes a lot of sense. I’m a little new to this.. do you happen to have any additional closer up photos of the wiring for each strip where there are resistors and capacitors? I’m still trying to sort out the best way to set it up but I do like how you’ve done it. Thanks.