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    Hello all,

    Just getting into RPi & Hyperion; currently setting up all the required hardware.

    I wish to turn off the LEDs via Google Assistant/Alexa; as I wanted to only use one Pi I'm trying to stay away from Home Assistant.

    My thought was to use a TUYA Smart Plug to turn off power to the LEDs PSU (probably separate from the Pi's PSU).

    However, on Adafruits "Best Practice" it states:

    • Avoid connecting NeoPixels to a live circuit. If you simply must, always connect ground first, then +5V, then data. Disconnect in the reverse order.
    • If powering the pixels with a separate supply, apply power to the pixels before applying power to the microcontroller.

    ...does this stay true for a RPi Hyperion setup? What issues could using a Smart Plug cause?

    If ill-advised, what other suggestions do you have to integrate smart control?

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated!