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    omg, it worked, I saw this message and tryed:

    But it working after try solution of Lighting-guy77

    in terminal of raspi;

    sudo systemctl disable --now hyperion@pi

    sudo systemctl enable --now hyperion@root

    sudo reboot now

    its now working just fine, but only the bottom lights, i think i have a problem with the leds connection now, but the problem for this thread is solved.

    Hello, today I tryed to do the hyperion ambilight project and things went wrong at the end.

    Now my status is:
    Raspberry is fine, it works, I can acess using my computer, I can open the hyperion dashboard, I can configure everything.

    My capture card is fine, I assume this since I can see everything in my computer, so its sending data to the raspberry, and is also showying the image on my tv.

    Im using a power supply with 5v 10a, wich is low for a 221 leds(WS2812B 30/m), plus the raspberry, I know that, I was using before a barrel jack connector, but reading this forum I cutted and put it all toogether with the energy cables of the led strip and the raspberry pi.

    After all that the lights dont turn on, and sometimes they do but only a few, like in the image, and no signal that the raspberry pi is controlling them.

    I've tryied everything and Im out of ideas, does anybody have an Idea to fix?

    I have a few pictures of my setup.

    Here is the debug log:

    Dont mind the english.