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    So update: It's working. Not sure what I did, I messed around with some DMA channels and LED inputs, did a few reboots of the Pi and capture card and noticed it was actually doing the idle background animation, which holy shit! Progress! It's doing something! Did the live preview and noticed capture card wasn't working. Cycled it and messed with the color order and boom. Works! Mostly!

    It still has a pretty constant flicker to it so it's not perfect just yet. Either way thank you for the help folks!

    Nah still figuring it out and no worries to the threadjacking, it's all good info to me. So figured out the wifi problem (you miss capitalizing one letter.....) and did a clean install of hyperbian.

    Lights still just kinda doing whatever they want. Hyperion is still working and capture card still functional with live preview

    Oddly enough I attempted to do the

    sudo systemctl disable --now hyperiond@pi

    sudo systemctl enable --now hyperiond@root

    And now it's saying these files don't exist which is odd as they've always been there before so that's definitely giving me pause.

    Did manage to edit the config.txt file in boot and turned the audio to off. Still no change.

    Oh and for the record, I am using 2813 LEDs. From my knowledge the only difference is it has a added data line but just a FYI.

    And that's about where things stand! I'm gonna keep tinkering with this in the meantime until I hear back on this thread. I WILL figure this out! Just let me know if I need to provide more info that might be pertinent!

    Thanks for the reply! So I wouldn't get a 4 over a 3 because it's better but more because this one has been acting a bit sketchy since I got it even before diving in to Hyperion.

    So I turned dtparam audio off in the config. Just to be safe I went ahead and ran the lines again cause you never know. This is actually what got the lights to flicker instead of just completely unresponsive.

    I acutally picked up a few level shifters the other day so I'll try that next!

    The last one I need to try (I may have already? I'm not over there anymore) is to remove the User Session. I'll give that a shot tomorrowand get back to you for a progress update.

    Hi there! Noob installer here and first PI/Backlight project

    So after hours of scouring the forums and google, I figured it was time to make a thread.

    -I've got Hyperion alpha 10 (was previously running 6) up and running.
    -Got the capture card setup and showing a live preview so I know thats working right.

    -Both the Pi and the LEDs are on the same ground from the same source.

    -Using Rasperry Pi 3 B+ with the GUI desktop installed (I have a feeling this is probably related to why i'm having such issues)
    -I have this installed despite instructions to just use raspian lite or Hyperbian because for whatever reason I cannot get WIFI working without it (Ive done the wpa supplicant and spent hours on this, cannot find a fix, even worked when I initially got it! But I digress, just giving context)

    Anyways, before I was getting 0 response from the lights at all. I found a thread saying to disable the PI's audio in the terminal as it might be conflicting with GPIO 18 and that seemed to have kind of helped. At least now the lights are flickering to different random colors instead of just hanging there stalled out.

    So LEDs and Hyperion are working but I'm just getting garbage outputting on to them.

    If anyone has some ideas on where to go from here? Honestly this PI 3 has been nothing but a nightmare from the second I've turned it on and will probably just pick up a Pi 4 since the one I have for a arcade cabinet is working perfectly, but I figured i'd at least ask before dropping 100$