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    Hi everybody,

    stumbled across this:

    I installed Hyperion.NG Alpha10 with the install Script on a x86_64 LibreElec 10 Box. Then configured it to use the internal X11 grabber and everything works like a charm.

    But: after a reboot LEDs stay dark.... after turning off and on the current instance via hyperions webinterface everything works normally again.

    I found out, that this must be the cause:

    The hyperion service unit is started after "", quiet early:

    At this time, the X11 system isn't up and running, which lets the hyperion.service crash... as can be seen clearly in journalctl:

    Notice the "Unable to open display [:0.0]" Error .... of course because X11 starts after hyperion....

    I think, hyperion should start after for making sure, X11 is started before, shouldn't it?