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    Found it!

    For every reader from the future having the same same problem:

    BURN JUMPER CABLES IN THE HELLFIRE! Use proper wires wich are thicker and have a solid core.

    In my case it was the jumper cable between GPIO10 and data line that was the problem. I removed the preinstalled socket on the LED stripe, connected the data wire directly to the GPIO and secured it with a heat-shrink tube. Works like a charm!

    Thank you very much for your effort guys! Now it works just like in my showcase 8)

    Hello everyone,

    I recorded a little showcase of my setup lately. Hope you like it. Feel free to ask for details, I'll gladly share.


    - SK6812 RGBW (natural white) 157 LED's

    - MeanWell RS-100-5 80W 5V 16A

    - RPi4 running with Hyperbian

    - Screen is captured via Windows Grabber

    Baudrate 5900000

    At Baudrate 5900000 I get no output at all.

    White algorythm off

    I'd like to further use it due to a better color reproduction. I turned it off for testingpurposes, but it made no difference.

    make sure common GND

    Both RPi and LED stripe are connected to the same power supply. RPi gets its power over GPIO

    Invert signal is off



    Check. Although I tried it over SPI1 at GPIO38 (after enabling it in the config file), but I got the same result.

    Just changing the controller type and using GPIO18 did not work. None of the LED's was working although I didn't followed the whole tutorial. After changing back to my SPI controller everything worked fine again for few minutes. I already ordered a Rpi0, so I'll wait for it and try the tutorial you sent if new hardware won't help.

    No I have not yet tried it. If I'm correct connection over WS281X is a PWM connection which needs different pins and configuration. I'm a newbie in the world of hyperion and I'd be thankful if you could send me few links about a proper configuration for this type of connection.

    Hello Everyone,

    I figured many problems on my own with help of this great forum, but this time I got defeated by my setup this time and I need your direct help. It was working for about half a year now and out of the blue it just began to only emmit peak bright white. It was a bit creepy, because my wife woke me up one night saying that someone is in the house, because the light in my office is on. As a troubleshooting I reinstalled Hyperbian and went through the configuration process once again writing down all changes I made to make a troubleshooting easier. I also changed the data cable that goes form SPI to the data line of my strip.

    Please help! :(


    - only screen capture via Windows Grabber

    - no starting effects and no idle effect either

    - SK6812 RGBW (157 LED's in total)
    - Raspberry Pi4

    - cables for LED'S came from an old PSU

    - cables for RPI are common jumper cables

    - Meanwell power supply (for both raspberry and LED's)


    - Hyperbian (the newest issue 2021-10-06) with 2.0.0-alpha.11


    - Added "spidev.bufsiz=32768" to the cmdline.txt

    - Added "core_freq=500" and "core_freq_min=500" to the config.txt

    - Turned sound off in config.txt

    - Controller is sk66812spi (SPI 0)

    - Baudrate 3000000


    As soon as RPi booted up all LED's emmit peak bright white light instead of no effect at all. The strip is not reacting to different idle settings, my windows grabber and/or hyperion app anymore.


    When I boot RPI without data cable at GPIO10 and connect it later the whole strip is working for few minutes then fails again (only peak white output). I just bought a RPi0 to test it out with another hardware (Rpi4 was an overkill anyway, but I had it lying around).