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    ok. so i was able to get lightberry to work, but that was only by using the files from and installing Libreelec.

    But...i still prefer the OSMC UI....anyway to keep the hyperion files ect and just load OSMC?

    I have a RPi3 running OSMC and I had lightberry running perfectly for years.....but I made the mistake of upgrading to kodi 19 and now my ambilight doesn't work. My backup was on my old computer and it took a dump so I have to start from scratch.

    Problem is my Lightberry setup is old and uses the GPIO pins. I used the old hyperion for setup back in 2015..and now Im at a complete loss on the NG setup.

    I installed kodi 18.9 and it's working.

    I tried to install hyperion a few different methods:



    And neither show hyperion as running. I logged into the webconfig and still couldn't figure it out.

    I know that kodi is python is that where my mistake is? having koid 18 which is python 2 and the hyperion i "installed" is the NG?

    when i try running commands again, Pi says everything is already installed and updated. I WinSCP and there is no ".hyperion" file

    Any help would be helpful. Yes i did a search many times and I'm a novice at this. As i stated earlier, I did have it running perfectly before kodi 19 and I lost my backup

    Thanks Guys/gals