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    Lord-Grey : THANKS A LOT!!!! You are my real hero. If you ever come to Belgrade, RS I would like to buy you couple of beers and so :P

    Ok, so:


    Running Hyperion under root (as before) is not good practice.

    This not doing the job, cause (I think) OS wouldn't allow access to X for root (at least, not without some heavy modification). Anyway, I tested that as well and again, only Framebuffer is available as internal capture device (of course, cause Arch wont to allow access to X for root user).

    Running it as standard user working flawlessly, QT, X11 and XCB are available for capturing as on your screenshot. I would have just one little addition for my use case: I'm using adalight controller type, i.e. WS2812B LED strip, connected via Arduino nano and serial port /dev/ttyUSB0. Per default, /dev/ttyUSB0 has following permissions:

    [root@archmedia ~]# ls -al /dev/ttyUSB0
    crw-rw---- 1 root uucp 188, 0 Dec 10 21:21 /dev/ttyUSB0

    In order to be able to access it as standard user, you need to either change ownership to your user (e.g. chown stiw47:uucp /dev/ttyUSB0) or to add your standard user to uucp group. Of course, ownership change will be lost on next reboot or unplug/plug of Arduino and root will become owner again, but I guess this could be set permanently with UDEV rule (never played before with UDEV rules). Will think little bit which one of above two solutions would be better for me and for you once again BIG THANKS!!!

    I will post a comment on AUR page with this topic URL, so maintainer can be informed and can improve it if he want.

    Oh sorry, I didn't understood the part "Do you have some pointer how to install the additional stuff as you did that I have a comparable system?", now I see it better.

    No, not with pacman. pacman is official package manager and it installing packages from official repos, and hyperion in official Arch repo is some old 1.something version.

    I installed from AUR. AUR is standing for Arch User Repository, it is not official repository, and you cannot use pacman here. Yes, there are AUR helpers, they're working similar as pacman. For example, I'm using tool called yay and command syntax would be (same as for pacman): yay -S

    But.... since you're not Arch user and you want just to test this, I suggest that you install it manually from AUR (without yay helper, cause yay would have to be installed as well in this case).

    This is the page where from you need to download snapshot:, and this would be whole set of commands, download with wget, no need for page opening:

    sudo pacman -S wget
    tar xvzf
    makepkg -s

    Wait for .tar.zst package to build, then install it with:

    sudo pacman -U

    (maybe will be some newer version in your case, so file name could be different, however, you need to install built .tar.zst package in folder with sudo pacman -U command)

    Please note that Archlinux not allow to run makepkg command as root.

    All packages from AUR are basically scripts which doing something when run. In this certain Hyperion case, AUR script will download source from git and compile it, will also make hyperiond service file.

    I am not sure how you are planning to test this and will you need desktop environment, but thanks in advance and I can help with DE as well, if it is needed.


    LATER EDIT: Ok, so, I made some progress 8)8)8)

    If I run e.g. DISPLAY=:0 hyperion-x11 -f 25 as standard (non root) user, LEDs are working as expected - they're in sync with display content. (keep in mind that I'm playing with Hyperion for the first time, so needed some time to figure that these CLI tools are exists also :P;( )

    Framebuffer is still only available device for internal capture in web UI (even after systemctl restart hyperiond), but hey, until now, only share screen from browser worked for me, and with this share screen option, old laptop was little overwhelmed and hyperiond was crash from time to time, so as for now this is the closest to perfection for me ^^ . No matter, if nothing else, I will write some script to automate the process and run it from Home Assistant, that was the plan anyway.

    Hey, I am ok with Archlinux, using it 5-6 years for sure. Actually, I'm using this Arch as desktop OS with KDE, and it is installed on old laptop with broken screen, which is sitting above TV and serving as home media/web/cloud/home-assistant server, etc. etc. at the end, Hyperion server. I want to say, I know how to install stuff on Arch, but the problem is idk what should I install in order for this to work :)


    Maybe additional helpful would be how one installs/removes hyperion 2.0.12...

    Unfortunately, there is zero to nothing I think, posts on internet, that someone wrote something about Hyperion on Arch :) , I wasn't able to find something useful.

    Hi guys. My setup is following: WS2812B and Arduino nano connected via USB and serial port /dev/ttyUSB0 on Arclinux x86_64 machine. Arduino was flashed with following sketch: Everything was setup correctly, I know that cause whole this setup is working as expected from Hyperion on Windows. My goal is to make it work on Archlinux machine, cause this is the home media server and also machine connected to TV, where from we are watching movies, cartoons, etc. This setup is also working on mentioned Archlinux machine if I login to Hyperion web UI, then choose Share Screen option, then share whole screen or certain window (VLC, browser, Stremio, what ever)

    The problem is: I cannot make it work with regular screen capture method.

    On screenshot above, these are only options I can choose (device, input and resolution). I was try to play with various values for frequency, decimation and crops, but no change.

    This is my configuration for LED output:

    This is my system info:

    I repeat once again: I believe that my setup (Arduino + WS2812B + power supply + connections) is ok, cause same that setup is working on Windows machine with Hyperion.

    I believe this could be some Linux stuff related with users, permissions, serial port, idk

    I would appreciate any help and I would be glad to provide any additional needed info.

    P.S. There is no hyperion.conf.json file inside /etc/hyperion/. I installed from AUR: and hyperion.conf.json file didn't come with installation. I was notice if I install hyperion package from Archlinux community repo, hyperion.conf.json file is in place, but with hyperion repo package I had a problem that wasn't able to start service at all.