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    Hi there! This is a topic about my Hyperion story with purpose to share my experience and also shouting for some help from the community.

    So, i've decidede to build my own Amblight! After watching some tutorials, i've started ordering from Aliexpress. I've ordered APA 102 led strip, Raspberry pi zero 2 W, HDMI capture card, 5V 10A power brick and HDMI splitter. After a month I received everything I needed. At the moment i am using an old Samsung TV 48 inch and since i haven't decided yet wether I am getting a 65 inch new one ( since we're moving ) I have just pasted LED tape on the back of the TV with tape and twisted corners a little bit. Had some problems with it, because the back of my TV seems very smooth and the tape barely hold up strip. Ok, i've connected it to the power supply and raspberry pi (same ground). Connected HDMI from Xiaomi TV box in the grabber and then output to the TV. At first I had some problems with capturing hardware. Hyperion didn't recognize any capturing device. Figured out that HDMI capturing device's attached USB cable was not able to transfer data to Raspberry pi zero 2 W. Changed cable and Hyperion got the image from MI BOX. Didnt need long to realize that LED strip has a delay of cca 1 sec. Played with resolution settings in Hyperion, but even if I put 800x600 resolution with 20 fps I still have a little delay. Can someone please link me an Aliexpress device with really low or no delay device? If this even exists. Or is maybe a problem, because I am runing zero pi?

    I also noticed that colors are a bit off and I will have to calibrate them a little bit.

    When I turn TV off, my LED strip doesnt turn OFF. Is there a way to fix that? I am using MI TV BOX, but i usually leave it ON, I just turn off TV.. I have also tried turning off the box, but led strip remains turned on.

    So, for a beginner newbie, I've managed to make it work and I must say , this thing rocks! But I would still need some help from you to tweak it.