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    I did many reboots, but nothing, I also tried hyperiond, but recording to the changelog Alpha 11 changed it to hyperion.

    The Systemd/Upstart/System-V-Init service registers Hyperion under the name hyperion instead of hyperiond, as this has caused confusion among users in the past.

    I really don't want to try everything again, I hope Lord-Grey has an idea, otherwise the leds will stay on my tv as a memorial.


    output when I try it again:

    Thanks for all the infos Lightning-guy77, but now it's worse.

    I installed everything but now the hyperion service won't start at all. I also can't start it manually, because the service isn't found. Also I can't add it as a service.

    pi@HyperBian:~ $ sudo systemctl enable --quiet hyperion@root.service --now

    Failed to enable unit: Unit file hyperion@root.service does not exist.

    I think I read every thread about this combination and I did everything and now Hyperion thinks everything is fine, but the leds stay dark.

    My first attempt

    1. Flash Raspberry Pi OS Lite
    2. Install Hyperion
    3. Adding blacklist entries etc. because I can't use analog audio
    4. Setting Hyperion up to start as root
    5. Select an idle effect
    6. Reported as working, but the leds show nothing

    So, I gave Hyperbian a try

    1. Flash Hyperbian
    2. Adding blacklist entries etc. because I can't use analog audio
    3. Setting Hyperion up to start as root
    4. Select an idle effect
    5. reported as working, but the leds show nothing

    I'm really out of ideas here, the setup worked ages ago with a raspi 2 and the old Hyperion, but the USB controller of the raspi 2 died and I switched to a bigger TV anyway.

    Here is the debug log, but there is really nothing in there:

    2022-01-01T01:27:38.290Z [ LEDDEVICE] (INFO) Start LedDevice 'ws281x'.
    2022-01-01T01:27:38.290Z [ COMPONENTREG] (DEBUG) (ComponentRegister.cpp:41:setNewComponentState()) LED device: disabled
    2022-01-01T01:27:38.290Z [ LEDDEVICE] (DEBUG) (LedDevice.cpp:148:init()) deviceConfig: [{"colorOrder":"grb","currentLedCount":204,"dma":10,"gpio":18,"hardwareLedCount":204,"invert":false,"latchTime":0,"leds":204,"pwmchannel":0,"rewriteTime":1000,"rgbw":false,"type":"ws281x","whiteAlgorithm":"subtract_minimum"}]
    2022-01-01T01:27:38.291Z [ LEDDEVICE] (DEBUG) (LedDevice.cpp:414:setLatchTime()) LatchTime updated to 0ms
    2022-01-01T01:27:38.291Z [ LEDDEVICE] (DEBUG) (LedDevice.cpp:439:setRewriteTime()) Refresh interval = 1000ms
    2022-01-01T01:27:38.291Z [ LEDDEVICE] (DEBUG) (LedDevice.cpp:445:setRewriteTime()) RewriteTime updated to 1000ms
    2022-01-01T01:27:38.291Z [ LEDDEVICE] (DEBUG) (LedDeviceWS281x.cpp:65:init()) ws281x strip type : 1050624
    2022-01-01T01:27:38.293Z [ COMPONENTREG] (DEBUG) (ComponentRegister.cpp:41:setNewComponentState()) LED device: enabled

    The wiring is also correct, ground to ground on an external 5 V power supply and to ground on the pi (pin 6). 5 V to 5V on the external power supply and data to pin 12 aka GPIO 18 on the Pi 3. I also checked every connection with a multimeter and checked the 5 V on the stripe.

    I'm on Hyperion 2.0.12.

    I'm really out of ideas here, I found a few people with the same problem, but most just end it with "I bought an Arduino to fix it." or "I bought other leds to fix it."

    best regards