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    First of all, sorry for my poor choise of words.

    Hello guys, i need a liitle bit of help, the led strip isn't turning on and everything is conected correctly, the led strip works fine with his own controller, but not using the raspberry pi.

    The hyperion simulation shows correctly the colors that should be displayed on the strip, but the strip is not showing anything.

    I think the problem is that the software is not sending correctly the data through the gpio 18 pin, because i meassured with a multimeter and it shows no voltage, and it must be around 3.3v (wich is the voltage of what that raspberry pin works), so is not sending any data to the strip, even if that is powered up correctly.

    I don't know if that can be fixed from somewhere inside the configuration or what do i have to do, it is already running with root permissions and still doesn't work.

    Hola, tienes algun tutorial de como lo hiciste? tambien tengo una raspberry pi 4 y una easycap hdmi-usb