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    Lord-Grey i finally can add YLDD005, but Hardware LED count is locked, can't change it. Any ideas about it?

    for YLTD003 i've done clean setup, so new logs are here.

    Lord-Grey here we are

    i thin i get it. it seems that hyperion ca control only front led, that is non-rgb.

    so, i've had another device that don't support hyperion :) but i think it will be much easier.

    it's new version of Yeelight Smart Light Strip pro YLDD005. So it don't support in soft. can you please unlock this device.

    Lord-Grey thank you!

    Just tested new version. Seems, than rgb leds don' react on soft at all. But when i'm try to find the lamp it blink 3 time.

    But i can't change anyting with hyperion. Mayby i made something wrong but i'm don't sure about it)

    Some logs


    I'm trying to use for Yeelight LED Screen Light Bar Pro YLTD003, but soft told me that this bar is "Unsupported".



    2022-02-09T12:28:04.204Z [ LEDDEVICE] (ERROR) Device disabled, device 'yeelight' signals error: 'Not enough Yeelights [0] for configured LEDs [1] found!'

    2022-02-09T12:46:38.469Z [ SETTINGSMGR] (WARNING) Fixing json data!

    2022-02-09T12:46:38.472Z [ SETTINGSMGR] (WARNING) Config Fix: [root].leds: Remove empty array

    2022-02-09T12:46:38.472Z [ SETTINGSMGR] (WARNING) Config Fix: [root].device.hardwareLedCount: Correct too small value: 0 to: 1

    2022-02-09T12:46:38.472Z [ SETTINGSMGR] (WARNING) Config Fix: [root].leds: Create property: leds with value: